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Current Appointments / Projects

I got a lot going on, and I like it like that! All roles/projects listed below are current as of February 2017.

Executive Director, World Association of Sex Coaches

Senior Project Manager, Sexology Univeristy

International Manager, Instytut Pozytywnej Seksualności

Organizer, Sex Positive Warsaw MeetUp Group

Organizer, Dance Walking Warsaw MeetUp Group

Alma Matter

Training, roles, and projects that shaped me.

2015 – 2016 Sex Coach Training (2B), Sex Coach University

2009 – 2015 International Operations Manager, Zipcar UK

2003 – 2007 B.A. Global Studies, LIU Global (Friends World Program)

The Story

I’ve been an explorer all my life – I’ve travelled the world, going to more than 35 countries, and I moved abroad as a woman alone. What this has helped me to understand is that claiming personal power requires risk – it requires great courage to thrive. It requires great courage to step into your sexuality and claim the pleasure that you deserve.

And I know what its like to not feel courageous. I know what it is like to feel deep shame about my sexuality and how it feels to have low self worth. I know how hard it is to enjoy sex when you don’t like yourself at all.

I know because I have been there.

I decided to dedicate my life’s work to helping people out of their suffering around sex, and to help my clients create a life where they have as much sex as they individually desire, where sex is FUN, and where the focus is on pleasure.

I considered a lot of options and in the end settled deliberately on becoming a sex coach. Sex coaches are clinical sexologists who have trained to work with clients using a coaching approach (rather than a counselling or therapy approach).

That means my work with you starts in the present, is oriented toward goals for the future, and focuses on selecting actions that move you toward those goals.

In sex coaching you are seen as whole, capable, and empowered to take action.

Sex coaching is not for folks that are suffering from untreated mental illness, so if you think sex coaching might be for you, you need to have already begun addressing any mental health conditions you are suffering from.

It’s also worth mentioning that sex coaching is not therapy – its purpose is not to process deep emotions.

Sex coaching is often short term – generally, sex coaching is not ongoing for years on end. While each person is different and has different sexual concerns, you can expect to see results quickly if you commit to the process.

You won’t be alone in this – you’ll have me by your side, acting as your guide, and focusing my in depth knowledge and clinical experience on helping you reach your goals.

I’ve collected together some of the most common questions I’ve received about working with me as a sex coach. If your question isn’t answered here, please reach out directly through the Contact Sarah page.

Q: Where do you practice?

A: In person in Warsaw, Poland, and worldwide virtually – if you have a connection to the internet, then we can work together.

Q: So… what actually happens in a sex coaching session?

A: You get to set the agenda. It is your time! Receiving sex coaching is an opportunity to really be heard. The session is all about you – your goals, your concerns, your needs. I guide the conversation – my role is to keep you safe, to help you decide on actions, and to provide you with the resources you need (including referrals to other professionals if required).

During a sex coaching session, we both remain fully clothed. We will not shy away from talking about sex, and you will be able to speak your mind without judgment. Please know, however, that I only provide sex coaching services, and I do not provide erotic chat services.

Q: How long does a session last?

A: Sessions are a full 60 minutes in length.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Your Discovery Session is complimentary, and is a chance for you to try me and this process on for size and see if we’ll be a good fit.

Your Launch Session will be booked as a stand alone, and from there you’ll be able to book further individual sessions or a 4 week coaching package depending on your individual needs and concerns.

Full pricing information can be found on the Services page.

Q: I heard a rumour that you also do business coaching – is that true?

A: Yes, I do. I have extensive experience from  working in thriving start-ups, and can focus this knowledge and experience to help you grow your business. Contact Me to Book Business Coaching!


Podcasts & Radio

Get Sex Smart with Dr. Valeria Chuba:

I’m a regular guest on the Get Sex Smart podcast with the awesome clinical sexologist and sex coach Dr. Valeria Chuba. These podcasts are entertaining and informative – expect laughs, ah-ha moments, and facts dropping. Usually, you can expect 2 new episodes featuring me every month.

E61: Is Physical Attractiveness Important for Sex?

E59: Faking Orgasms: Why We Do It & How to Stop

E57: Dating Advice That Will Ruin Your Sex Life

E56: Five Mistakes Women Make When Receiving Oral Sex

E54: Awesome Anal Sex: 5 Advanced Tips

E49: What to Do When Embarrassing or Weird Stuff Happens During Sex

E47: Anal Sex: How to Do It Right and Have Fun

E46: Five Mistakes Women Make When Giving Men Oral Sex (and How to Fix Them)

E45: Sexuality Professions and How to Find the Right One to Help You

E42: Five Mistakes Men Make When Giving Women Oral Sex (and How to Fix Them)

E41: Tips for a Great Morning After

E39: What It’s Like to Be a Sexologist: Behind the Scenes

E37: Privacy and Sexual Shame: What Recent Dating Site Hacks Have Taught Us

E35: How to Recognize Players, Pick-Up Artists, and Manipulators

E33: When to Start Having Sex in a New Relationship

E29: “Gaslighting” in Intimate Relationships

E27: Bisexuality: Truth, Myths, and Challenges

E26: Four Ways of Ending Your Relationship (and How Not to Get Hurt in the Process)

E23: 8 Signs That a Man Might Be Great in Bed

E21: Sex Robots: Are They the Future?

E19: Top 5 Dating Mistakes Women Make

E17: Fetishes: A Primer for the Newbies and the Curious

E15: How to Be an Amazing Lover

E13: Have an Amazing First Date: Success Tips and Strategies

E11: Online Dating: Strategies That Set You Up for Success

E09: Does Size Really Matter? The Penis Episode

E07: Why Pills Won’t Fix Women’s Sexual Problems

E06: Orgasmic Running: A Feminine Practice for Pleasure and Fitness

E05: Having Fun With Sex Toys: What You Need to Know

Eros Evolution with Dr. Martha Tara Lee

I’ve had the great pleasure to appear as a guest on Dr. Martha Tara Lee’s weekly radio program Eros Evolution! Check out my episodes here:

Warrior Woman – A Path Away from Shame Toward Power – June 2017

Sex Coaching and Spirituality – January 2017

Orgasmic Running with Sarah Martin – March 2016

Down For Whatever with Myisha Battle

I was invited to appear on sex coach Myisha Battle’s epic monthly podcast, Down for Whatever. Listen to the episode featuring me here:

Orgasm in Motion – July 2017

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Sex Coaching Discovery Call

On your discovery call, you’ll receive an introduction to the sex coaching process. It’s a chance to learn more about how sex coaching works, and for me to learn about your goals for our work together. You can also ask any questions you have about sex coaching, and if it is right for you.

This is a complimentary call, valued at $125.

Book your Discovery Call today!

Launch Session – 60 Minutes

Get ready to get stuck in! The launch session is where it all begins – we’ll get you accelerating toward your goals. So much is possible for you! We’ll dive deep into your sexual concerns and set goals. You’ll be fully heard and receive expert attention free of judgement.  You’ll receive a home assignment as well as an e-mail summary of our session to keep as a record of this transformational experience.

All new clients must book a launch session before booking any sex coaching packages. The launch session is also suitable for previous clients to check in and receive some top up coaching, or as a single session if your specific needs can be addressed in a single session.

Investment for Launch Session – $125/hour

Contact Me to Book a Launch Session

Sex Coaching Package

After your launch session, we’ll have a pretty good idea about where you are now and where you want to go! Depending on your goals and the results that you want to see in your sex life, I will recommend either additional individual sessions or a 4 week sex coaching package. Sex coaching packages are excellent value, deliverying a lower per session cost.

4 Week Package – 4 sessions, 60 minutes each

Investment for Sex Coaching Package – $400

Business coaching – 60 minutes

Are you a sex coach looking for some laser targeted coaching on setting up shop, or taking your business to the next level? Struggling with WordPress and just want your website to work for you, so you can focus on serving your clients? Wanting to polish your CV and interview skills before applying to that NGO?

Business coaching sessions are available as single sessions.

Contact Me to Book Business Coaching


I am at your service – with 7+ years of management experience at technology- driven start ups, I’ve got solutions. Lots of solutions. From software setup, to business and marketing strategy, to copywriting, to automation – there are many things I can turn my hand to.

I am selective about the projects I take on to ensure maximum value is delivered to each and every one of my clients.

Freelancing Rates:

Ad-hoc project work (less than 8 hours/week) – $125

Ongoing project work (more than 8 hours/week) – $80

Contact Me with Freelancing Inquiries


I am an experienced event facilitator, space holder, event moderator, and workshop leader. I revel in managing group dynamics and offering educational, engaging experiences.

I can offer workshops, classes, and event series on the following topics. Book me by Contacting Me Today.

Warrior Woman (2 hour introductory, 3 day intensive, 6 week series)

You are more powerful than you think you are. You are stronger than you think you are. You are beautiful and you are a sexual being. In Warrior Woman, we explore the many facets of channelling your inner warrior – physicality, assertiveness, consent, orgasm, and courage. You will emerge confident and ready to bring your inner warrior to every aspect of life. Warrior Woman helps you to explore and build the bedrock of confidence and strength needed to life a fierce and fulfilling life.

Playfighting Introductory Workshop (2 hours), Weekend Intensive (2 days)

Together with Dr Agata Loewe, I have been trained in Playfighting by Frank & Sheila (www.bodyplay.net/en)

Playfighting retains the qualities of energy and dynamism without the destructive aspects of real fighting – and adds fun and joy.
Imagine puppies fighting playfully and you have a good idea of what playfighting is all about. It’s not about winning or losing and going against each other. It’s about having fun with each other. It involves laughing a lot and can be wonderfully wild and deliciously sexy.

Playfighting allows us to feel our strength and our partner’s strength, to feel our physicality in a uniquely exhilarating way. Playfights open up a safe space for us to experience issues, situations and feelings that we might otherwise not look at. In doing so we discover delightful new ways to relate to each other.

Orgasmic Running Group (1 hour)

Guided by my book, Orgasmic Running: A Feminine Practice for Pleasureable Wellbeing, grab your friends, grab your kegel balls, and meet me in the part for a faciliated orgasmic run. Beginning with an opening circle and warm up exercises that get your body woke inside and out, and ending with stretching and a closing circle, orgasmic running is a great way to stay fit!

Conscious Sexual Self, 9 Week Workshop Series

Using the text Conscious Sexual Self Workbook, by Melissa Fritchle, this 9 week series goes deep into the exploration of our sexual selves. It expands on the content in the book, and offers a safe space for group process and exploration. Interactive and engaging, this workshop series is a powerful addition to any group calendar, and works particularly well for women’s circles.

Wine & Cheese & Sex Talk with a Sexpert (3 hours)

If you’re looking for something a little different for your next girl’s night, or for unique entertainment for a birthday or bachelorette party, Wine & Cheese & Sex Talk is a great choice. I’ll come to you, bringing the wine & cheese & sex talk. You bring friends with curious minds. Some topics can include:

Blowjobs Made Easy – Simple Tricks to Channel Your Inner Fellatrix

Dark Desires – Beginners BDSM for the Newly Curious

Anatomy 101 – His & Her Pleasure Maps