Sexuality Professions and How to Find the Right One to Help You

We’ve already discussed the ins and outs of working as a sex coach in one of our previous podcasts (be sure to give it a listen if you haven’t already), but what about other professionals working in the realm of human sexuality?
From therapists to coaches to researchers, the list of professions aimed at improving people’s sex lives is long. But if you are not familiar with this field, all the different terms, niches and specialties can get a bit confusing and overwhelming. So for those of you who want to seek professional help with your sexual concerns but don’t quite know where to start, Dr. Valeria and I created an episode that can serve as an overview of all the different professionals who might help in this area as well as provide some valuable tips on choosing the right one for you.

By listening to Episode 45 of the Get Sex Smart podcast you will learn:

  • how different professions work and the the key differences between various approaches, such as counselling, therapy or coaching
  • the key differences between a sex therapist and a sex coach and the sessions they offer
  • how clinical sexologists differ from sexologists
  • what an AASECT certification is, what it means if someone has it and why it matters
  • the different certifying bodies for different types of specialties
  • why marriage, family or individual therapists might be unable to help you with problems related to sexuality 
  • what SAR training is and why it’s important
  • what to look for when reading about a sexuality professional and their certifications
  • red flags you can easily spot during your first conversation with a sexuality professional and why it’s important not to ignore them
  • what a sexological bodyworker is
  • signs of professional competence

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