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Get Sex Smart with Dr. Valeria Chuba:

I’m a regular guest on the Get Sex Smart podcast with the awesome clinical sexologist and sex coach Dr. Valeria Chuba. These podcasts are entertaining and informative – expect laughs, ah-ha moments, and facts dropping. Usually, you can expect 2 new episodes featuring me every month.

E61: Is Physical Attractiveness Important for Sex?

E59: Faking Orgasms: Why We Do It & How to Stop

E57: Dating Advice That Will Ruin Your Sex Life

E56: Five Mistakes Women Make When Receiving Oral Sex

E54: Awesome Anal Sex: 5 Advanced Tips

E49: What to Do When Embarrassing or Weird Stuff Happens During Sex

E47: Anal Sex: How to Do It Right and Have Fun

E46: Five Mistakes Women Make When Giving Men Oral Sex (and How to Fix Them)

E45: Sexuality Professions and How to Find the Right One to Help You

E42: Five Mistakes Men Make When Giving Women Oral Sex (and How to Fix Them)

E41: Tips for a Great Morning After

E39: What It’s Like to Be a Sexologist: Behind the Scenes

E37: Privacy and Sexual Shame: What Recent Dating Site Hacks Have Taught Us

E35: How to Recognize Players, Pick-Up Artists, and Manipulators

E33: When to Start Having Sex in a New Relationship

E29: “Gaslighting” in Intimate Relationships

E27: Bisexuality: Truth, Myths, and Challenges

E26: Four Ways of Ending Your Relationship (and How Not to Get Hurt in the Process)

E23: 8 Signs That a Man Might Be Great in Bed

E21: Sex Robots: Are They the Future?

E19: Top 5 Dating Mistakes Women Make

E17: Fetishes: A Primer for the Newbies and the Curious

E15: How to Be an Amazing Lover

E13: Have an Amazing First Date: Success Tips and Strategies

E11: Online Dating: Strategies That Set You Up for Success

E09: Does Size Really Matter? The Penis Episode

E07: Why Pills Won’t Fix Women’s Sexual Problems

E06: Orgasmic Running: A Feminine Practice for Pleasure and Fitness

E05: Having Fun With Sex Toys: What You Need to Know

Eros Evolution with Dr. Martha Tara Lee

I’ve had the great pleasure to appear as a guest on Dr. Martha Tara Lee’s weekly radio program Eros Evolution! Check out my episodes here:

Warrior Woman – A Path Away from Shame Toward Power – June 2017

Sex Coaching and Spirituality – January 2017

Orgasmic Running with Sarah Martin – March 2016

Down For Whatever with Myisha Battle

I was invited to appear on sex coach Myisha Battle’s epic monthly podcast, Down for Whatever. Listen to the episode featuring me here:

Orgasm in Motion – July 2017

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