Five Mistakes Men Make When Giving Women Oral Sex (and How to Fix Them)

How is the new year treating you, folks? Dr. Valeria and I are here to help you start this new year with a bang (pun intended) by fine-tuning your oral sex skills. Most sexually active people, regardless of their gender and orientation, enjoy receiving oral sex. However, especially in the case of “heterosexual” couples, pleasuring the woman orally often ends up being relegated to the role of foreplay instead of being treated as the main event itself. This can create pressure on the woman and shift the focus away from her pleasure.

To avoid this, tune in to the first episode of our Get Sex-Smart: Oral Sex series as we discuss the five most common mistakes men makes when it comes to orally pleasuring women (or more generally – people with vulvas). By listening to this episode you will learn:

  • the anxieties and common fears that stop women from enjoying receiving oral sex
  • the right mindset and approach to giving oral pleasure
  • the right order and technique for giving oral sex
  • facts about the clitoris as well as the vulva in general
  • why women might be hesitant to receive oral pleasure
  • mistakes that can make it difficult or even impossible for the other person to orgasm
  • what not to do when going down on someone
  • comfortable positions for giving oral sex that will improve your stamina
  • the importance of checking in and staying connected
  • how to easily learn what your partner likes
  • verbal and non-verbal cues indicating that your partner is enjoying themselves
  • tips to boost her confidence and make the experience even better for your partner

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