Tips for a Great Morning After

Often when searching for dating advice, we focus first and foremost on getting a date and making a great impression on the date itself. While this makes perfect sense, it is important to remember that the next day won’t just take care of itself and plan for what happens after the date as well. The morning after sex can not only make or break the night before – it is also the point at which expectations and boundaries for the future need to be set. Was it just a one-night-stand or something more? Do you want to see each other again and if so then on what terms? Regardless of how serious the night before was for you, morning-after etiquette is important and how we treat the people we have sex with speaks volumes about us. Being nice isn’t just reserved for someone you intend to introduce to your parents! So, without further ado join me and Dr. Valeria in episode 41 of the Get Sex Smart Podcast, where we share our take (including a couple of horror stories!) and give tips on how to ace the morning-after experience.

In this episode we discuss:

  • what to take into consideration when deciding whose place to go to (especially if you’re a woman)
  • the pros and cons of being a “host” or a “guest”
  • how to prepare if you want to be a good host
  • what to pack as the guest to make your experience more enjoyable and comfortable
  • how to communicate and set boundaries in the morning after
  • how to put the other person at ease if you want things to develop further
  • what to do if you didn’t enjoy the night before
  • how to handle the morning after drunk sex
  • what to do about mismatched expectations
  • how to deal with any morning-after awkwardness

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