When to Start Having Sex in a New Relationship

Often when we enter a new romantic relationship, we start getting anxious about the many decisions we must make. One of the biggest decisions revolves around sex – when is the right time to start having sex with a new partner?

Both offline and online we can find countless “golden rules” that try to give a universal answer to this question. If you are based in the US, you’ve probably heard of the 3 date (or 5 date) rule. Such arbitrary rules can only make this process more confusing than it needs to be. Additionally, they can create pressure on us to conform to them while ignoring our gut feelings, desires, and boundaries. For instance, someone who wants to have sex on the first date may wait out of fear of being deemed “easy”, while someone who just isn’t feeling ready yet may feel the pressure to “put out” on the 3rd date.

So if there isn’t one magical rule that will tell you when to do it, how do you decide? Dr. Valeria and I recorded this episode of the Get Sex Smart podcast to share with you a 5 point strategy. Using it will help you decide what the right time to start having sex in a new relationship is for YOU – and how to make sure that you start off your new sexual relationship on the right foot. Life is too short to have bad sex!



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