8 Signs That a Man Might Be Great in Bed


So let’s say that, as a regular listener of our podcast, you are already familiar with what makes one great in bed (if not, head over to this earlier episode, which reveals how to be an amazing lover and serves as a prequel) and feel confident about your skills. But what now? How do you actually let potential lovers know about this? If simply saying so isn’t an option (please don’t brag about your skills as a lover – this is one of the points we discuss), are there any alternative ways of signaling that you’re great in bed? What things do women (assuming you’re a man who sleeps with women) watch out for? How to withstand the pressure to increase your value as a lover by bragging?

And on the flipside – what are the tell-tale signs that someone is bad in bed? What are the absolute red flags and signs that you’re wasting your time? And is it possible to pick up on them before you even get to the bedroom?

Fear not – Dr. Valeria and I are here to satisfy your curiosity and answer these crucial questions in another episode of the Get Sex-Smart podcast! In Episode 23 we reveal 8 major signs that can help get a good read on a man’s sexual potential (keep in mind – many of them are universal signs, irrespective of gender).

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