Sex Robots: Are They the Future?

In Episode 21 of the Get Sex Smart podcast, Dr. Valeria and I talk about a fascinating and controversial topic: sex robots. This topic has been making the headlines (and significant progress) for a while now, but are sex robots really the future of sex? First with the very realistic sex dolls, and through today’s evolution of those dolls into animated robots and beyond, into true artificial intelligence – we discuss recent developments in the field of robotics as well as why the adult industry seems to be at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Moreover, drawing on our professional experience and knowledge, we wonder what this technological advancement might mean for our sex lives. What void would (do) these sex robots fill and do they have the potential to actually help people? Can sex with a robot really replace sex with a human – and if so, what are the dangers of that? Why are we threatened by their emergence – will they perhaps  shift the standards of what is expected of sexual partners to unrealistic levels or further dehumanize the body – and are those fears unfounded?

Will we suffer, or will we benefit from this new technology – and what groundwork (if any) can be laid out to ensure it is the latter?

And finally – would Dr. Valeria and I ourselves be tempted to get such a sex robot?

Tune in and find out!



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