Fetishes: A Primer for the Newbies and the Curious

How much do you know about fetishes? Sure, the world of kink and fetishism has certainly become more mainstream in recent years (looking at you, 50 Shades of Grey!). But it can still be hard to work out what is “normal” – that is – what is common. Regardless of whether or not you are kinky yourself, you may be surprised to learn just how many of us have some sort of sexual fetish. What is more, even when we take a look at only the most popular fetishes, the variety can be truly astounding!

So join me and Dr. Valeria as we dive into the world of fetishes and kink, sploshing and golden showers. In this episode of the Get Sex Smart Podcast, we’ll talk about how common fetishes truly are, and give you a breakdown of some fascinating and fun fetishes that people have – from the most common to the very niche – including diaper wearing; sexual attraction to cars; desire to be swallowed whole; and many more!


In Episode 17 we will also discuss:

  • a study about fetishes, how common they are, and what is considered outside the norm
  • the difference between a fetish and a kink
  • the changing definition of paraphilic behaviour
  • possible roots of some common fetishes
  • the psychology behind fetishes – why are do so many people have them?
  • the difference between transvestites and trans people
  • the principle of SSC
  • what Fetlife is




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