Dating Advice That Will Ruin Your Sex Life

Much of the dating advice we come across (both online and offline) these days also involves dealing with the topic of sex and intimacy. Unfortunately,even if we give it the benefit of doubt and assume it is well-intentioned, a lot of the advice we see is inaccurate and can have a lasting negative impact on our relationships and sex life. Advice that is based on myths, false assumptions, harmful gender stereotypes, and general sex-negativity can have a lasting impact on how we approach intimacy and as sex professionals, Dr. Valeria and I often see the result of following this advice in the clients that seek our help. For this reason we recorded an episode where we address five types of problematic dating advice out there and explain why following it not only won’t help you have good [...]

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Getting Tested in Warsaw

If you value your health - sexual and otherwise - regular STD (or, more accurately, STI) testing is crucial. While its frequency may vary from person to person, depending on factors such as our lifestyle, preferences and risk-aversion, all sexually active folks should make room in their calendar for this check-up. However, even if one is eager to get tested regularly, they may find this area confusing and tricky to navigate. First of all, It isn't always immediately clear how to get tested efficiently or what the most budget-friendly options are. On top of that, in some areas even the healthcare providers offer little help. After all, many of us are asymptomatic and want to get tested simply to have peace of mind. And anyway, what should we even get tested for if all we want is [...]

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