Fetishes: A Primer for the Newbies and the Curious

How much do you know about fetishes? Sure, the world of kink and fetishism has certainly become more mainstream in recent years (looking at you, 50 Shades of Grey!). But it can still be hard to work out what is "normal" - that is - what is common. Regardless of whether or not you are kinky yourself, you may be surprised to learn just how many of us have some sort of sexual fetish. What is more, even when we take a look at only the most popular fetishes, the variety can be truly astounding! So join me and Dr. Valeria as we dive into the world of fetishes and kink, sploshing and golden showers. In this episode of the Get Sex Smart Podcast, we'll talk about how common fetishes truly are, and give you a breakdown [...]

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How to Be an Amazing Lover

Most of us have at least at one point in our lives felt anxious about our skills in the bedroom - we want to be an amazing lover but to get stuck because we don't have the right approach and mindset. This kind of anxiety is a common feeling, especially when our expectations are distorted by supplementing inadequate (or non-existent) sex education with porn. Often, we feel that we're supposed to just naturally be good at sex, forgetting that it's a skill like any other. That's why in this episode of the Get Sex Smart podcast, together with Dr. Valeria, we sat down to dish out some expert advice on how to be an amazing lover and have great sex. Drawing on our experience as sex coaches as well as on our personal experiences, we share with [...]

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Tips & Strategies for an Amazing First Date

So let's say you've met someone you like and even set up a first date (if you haven't, be sure to check out the previous episode in the series, dedicated to online dating strategies that set you up for success). You're mentally prepared to date, everything seems fine and no red flags have been raised. But what now? If you're looking for some first date tips and mistakes to avoid (or are simply feeling anxious and in need of reassurance), tune in to Episode 13 of the Get Sex Smart podcast before you head out. In this episode, Dr. Valeria and I draw on our own dating experiences and share tips and advice on how to have a great first date - from preparing for it to winding down and processing afterwards.   You will learn [...]

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Online Dating: Strategies That Set You Up for Success

  Nowadays, when looking for a partner (be it for play, casual dating, or a long-term relationship), most of us turn to online dating. For a lot of people, online dating can seem a lot like navigating a minefield. Coupled with high chances for misunderstandings and rejection, the experience can be disappointing and lead to disillusionment if you approach it with the wrong mindset. Given that the topic of online dating is a broad and important one, Dr. Valeria and I decided to create a whole series of podcast episodes dedicated to helping you become the master of online dating. In Episode 11 of the Get Sex Smart podcast, we discuss how to get a good head start in online dating (or dating in general) as well as share some personal dating stories and experiences. In this [...]

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Does Size Really Matter? The Penis Episode

In my practice as a sex coach, I find that one of the most common insecurities my penis-owning clients struggle with is that connected to their penis size. They feel inadequate and worry their size will prevent them from satisfying their partners (often erroneously assuming that their perfectly normal penis is below-average in size). In Episode 9 of the Get Sex Smart podcast, Dr. Valeria and I tackle the topic head on (pun intended) and give the definitive and honest answer to the question of whether penis size* really matters. We also share some fun and interesting facts about the penis as well as actual statistics on penis size; the ways in which penis size does (and doesn't) affect women's pleasure and orgasms; dig deeper in an attempt to uncover the roots of our cultural obsession with [...]

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Having Fun With Sex Toys: What You Need to Know

Sex toys come in all types, shapes and sizes (and colours!) to fit a wide range of tastes and needs. With their growing variety and accessibility, they can be a great tool for spicing things up in the bedroom and by offering new sensations they have the potential to vastly change and improve our experiences. However, despite their ever growing popularity and the increasing openness with which we talk about them, you may still be left with many questions unanswered. Are you exploring the world of sex toys for the first time and feeling intimidated? Perhaps you find the very variety of sex toys overwhelming and have trouble deciding what would work best for you? Or maybe you are hesitant about adding them to your repertoire and fear they might become a replacement for you or your partners? Finally, [...]

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