Is Porn Bad for Your Sex Life?

Porn. As long as there have been people, we’ve been looking for ways to capture arousal and store it for future use.   Think about it - there are surviving neolithic cave paintings of sex. The preserved ruins of Pompeii are full of erotic art. When photography was first invented, it didn’t take long before we were photographing sex.   All that said, one wonders what our early human ancestors would have made of countless, constantly available, and endlessly novel high definition video of most any sexual act one can imagine. Ours is an era of abundance in arousal stockpiling.   We experience a total embarrassment of riches when it comes to capturing human sexual expression on film.   Given that we’re quite a long way from using primordial sex sketches on cave walls to pass [...]

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Are men from Mars and women from Venus?

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.   This was a popular book when I was young, and became a bit of a catch phrase. You started to hear people saying this quite a lot in the 90s - Mars, Venus… it seemed to make sense to people.   What resonated in that idea for so many people, do you think? Was it this sense that men and women are really so different from each other? Is this why communication within relationships seems so hard?   Sometimes, it can almost feel like you are speaking a different language to your partner... Though to counterbalance that, I am a person that, more than once, has spoken a literal different language than my partner.   Any other travelers in the house?   And what I’ve observed [...]

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How Can You Be More Confident With Women?

Ahhhh confidence… this nebulous abstraction, this vague je ne sais quoi that some people seem to have and you wonder where you can get some.   Have you caught yourself doing that? Wondering - if only I were more confident with women, I’d feel so much better. I’d be happier and more at ease. Or maybe - if only I were more confident generally, with people.   It does seem tempting to focus on confidence, doesn’t it, given that the people that we know in our lives that experience genuine happiness all seem to have it.   The thing is, I think how can I be more confident isn’t really the question that you are asking, that any of us are asking, when we ask this.   I think the real question is: how can I [...]

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How Do I Know If I’m Being Creepy?

  You’ve heard it before, I am sure. Maybe from friends, from peers, on TV, in movies.   A group of people, standing around and discussing how creepy someone was.   Maybe it was a person in a shop, or on a bus, or a friend’s bad Tinder date experience. They had to deal with a creepy person and they wound up feeling bad because of this nebulous thing called “creepiness.”   Given this, well, no one wants to come across as creepy, do they? The idea that someday, somewhere, a person that you were interested in, or went on a date with, might similarly be standing around and talking to friends about how creepy you were (or perhaps already has) is really uncomfortable.   I come with good news for you. Avoiding being perceived as [...]

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