Bisexuality: Truth, Myths, and Challenges

People identified as bi+(an umbrella term which includes many non-monosexual sexual orientations, such as bisexual and pansexual) outnumber gays and lesbians. Yet their struggles can often go unmentioned and overlooked or narrowed down to experiencing homophobia. Many view bisexuality as a “lighter shade” of homosexuality or a stepping-stone towards it instead of a separate and equally valid identity. What is more, even with improving representation in the media and a rise in informative resources about bisexuality, there is still a lot of stigma as well as numerous negative stereotypes attached to this identity.

Since most of us are likely to either know a bisexual person or identify as bisexual ourselves, Dr. Valeria and I decided to dedicate an entire podcast episode to the topic of bisexuality and the myths and challenges that come with it.

In Episode 27 of the Get Sex Smart podcast we will discuss:

  • what the deal with labels is (pansexual, bisexual, queer…) is
  • the debates within the bi+ community
  • different scales that investigate sexuality, how bisexuality figures into them and the differences between those scale systems
  • how and why bisexuality is made invisible and invalidated
  • common stereotypes and myths about bisexuality
  • some of the unique challenges, prejudice, and comments bisexual people face
  • how experiences of bisexuality and biphobia differ based on gender
  • “bisexual” fantasies and how common they are
  • and what NOT to say when someone tells you they’re bisexual

Tune in!


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