What to Do When Embarrassing or Weird Stuff Happens During Sex

It’s safe to say that sooner or later every sexually active person will experience something weird or embarrassing happen during sex. When we start doing stuff with our bodies, the strange and unexpected can happen – it’s just one of those facts of life. What we can do is prepare ourselves for it and learn how to take such situations in stride and ensure that no participant is left feeling ashamed or uncomfortable. Farting, queafing, accidentally damaging objects or injuring your partner – all of these things can and do happen. But why not make feeling mortified about them a thing of the past? In Episode 49 of the Get Sex Smart podcast, Dr. Valeria and I share some of the many things that can happen (and often have happened to us) during sex in an effort to normalize them and suggest some ways you can approach those situations.
So get ready for a fun, irreverent and – as always – highly informative episode from which you will learn:

  • How to approach every situation with humour and release tension
  • What to do if you find something distracting or you get out of the mood
  • How to communicate in a way that normalizes and doesn’t shame your partner(s)
  • What to do to not be taken out of the moment
  • What to do if you experience orgasm in an unusual way
  • Ways to tell someone about your kinks, fetishes and fantasies without putting pressure on them
  • Why you shouldn’t tolerate or endure anything you don’t want
  • That feeling uncomfortable with certain things is perfectly okay

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