What Pornhub Reveals About Our Sexual Fantasies

Porn, in one form or another, is as old as humanity itself. But nowadays, thanks to widespread and easy access to free online porn, it can also provide an excellent source of data on what turns us on and why.

A study published by the porn website Pornhub, based on 10 years of porn searches, shows that what we like and search for online is a reflection of not only our desires (known or repressed) but is also a product of our surroundings – such as current world issues and what is being discussed in the media. Turns out the relationship between porn and reality goes both ways – porn may affect us and our sex lives but the outside world in turn affects what we look for in porn.

In this episode of the Get Sex Smart Podcast, Dr. Valeria and I discuss the results of the study, present our theories as to why certain phrases and themes were popular and discuss what they say about our sexuality.

By listening to Episode 66 you can learn:

  • what the correlations between our lives and the porn we consume are
  • how porn can impact our personal life
  • how in turn real life can affect our porn habits and interests
  • when certain themes in porn rose to popularity and why
  • the ways in which politics and world events color what we look for in porn
  • what the things we reject in porn say about us and what we project onto a topic
  • our predictions about what will be popular


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