Is Physical Attractiveness Important for Sex?

Whenever we talk about intimacy, physical attractiveness and beauty get mentioned as important factors for good sex. Humans are visual creatures, after all, and what we see in the media only reinforces the belief that looks are everything when it comes to sex and relationships. We are all taught what is seen as attractive (in our particular culture) and what is not – and this upbringing is hard to ignore. But just how important are our looks when it comes to creating fulfilling sex lives?  Are you doomed to be single forever if you don’t fit the perfect image of what is perceived as attractive? And is what we find attractive a question of nature, nurture, or a bit of both? Dr. Valeria and I sat down to weigh in on this question in Episode 61 of the Get Sex Smart Podcast. Tune in to hear our answer as well as learn:

  • what we can learn from scientific studies about the biological side of attraction
  • why insisting on the “natural look” and shaming make-up or body modifications is problematic
  • how to fight the knee-jerk reaction to shame other people and how they look
  • whether or not you should (make yourself) stop being attracted to certain things or features
  • under what circumstances looks can and often will affect your sex life and why
  • the multiple dimensions to attraction that have nothing to do with physical factors
  • the difference between what initially attracts us and what keeps the attraction going
  • the impact of subjective beauty standards

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