Anal Sex: How to Do It Right and Have Fun

In the age of easily accessible internet porn, anal sex has become fairly commonplace. It is no longer considered niche either, as growing numbers of people add it to their bedroom menus. Still the taboos and myths surrounding anal sex continue to persist, making it harder to find reliable information and tips for those of us who want to dip their toe in the world of backdoor pleasures. Since without proper preparation and knowledge anal sex easily turn into an unpleasant experience, we decided to give it some special attention in our Get Sex Smart podcast. In this first episode (of many) dedicated to the art and science of anal sex, Dr. Valeria and I share some general tips and strategies on how to do anal play and anal sex right and have a great experience. This episode makes for a great primer for anyone who is curious about trying out buttplay, both alone or with a partner!

By listening to Episode 49 you will learn:

  • why anal sex can (but doesn’t have to) hurt
  • what sensations are red flags and signs you need to slow down
  • the science behind why anal play can be so pleasurable
  • the right lube and toys for anal
  • the do’s and don’ts of anal
  • all about sphincters and how they work
  • what you need to communicate and discuss before starting play
  • what to do if something is painful
  • why enemas are a bad idea and some reasonable preparation measures that you can take instead
  • how to be a good and thoughtful giver
  • why protection is important
  • how to talk and (re)negotiate when it comes to anal sex
  • how to establish trust with the receiver
  • what you can do as the receiver to make your experience even better

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