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Sarah Martin

I’m not just another dating coach. I’m a Certified Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist, and all-around Sex Nerd. I’ve built my private sex coaching practice by helping men like you, the shy Good Guys, go from being forever in the friend zone to achieving the abundance in sex, dating and relationships that you REALLY want.

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I’m one of you.

Yeah, you may be thinking, “How can she know what it’s like to be constantly rejected? She’s a woman, she can get sex whenever she wants. It’s easier for women to get dates.”


For as long as I can remember, I was the outsider. Shy, awkward and oh yeah, I was the fat girl. I was bullied, made fun of and was usually the butt of all the jokes. What was the problem?!

I was always the top of all of my classes, I lived in 35 countries but out of all of this I was still the low status girl who was always the FRIEND or the girl that you slept with but didn’t want to tell anyone about. I got rejection after rejection from men and it HURT.

Not only this, but I was seriously confused about my sexuality. I thought it was dangerous and I remember feeling hopeless that I would be forever alone and forever horny.

Fast forward to my late twenties I had an awakening: Why can’t I get all sex that I want?

What was stopping me from creating sexual and dating abundance in my life?

I started reading and learning and devouring everything I could get my hands on about relationships, dating and SEX. I built my social life and started going to meetups. In this process I finally figured out who I was: a highly sexual woman. And I became ok with that.

I took this to the next level when I went back to school. Sex Coaching School. I topped my class in training with the world leader in sex coaching, and then went on to become the Executive Director of the World Association of Sex Coaches.

When I started my private practice as a sex coach, I thought I would be working with women. WRONG! Guess who kept coming for my help?

The shy, introverted, intelligent Good Guys who couldn’t get dates. Men who had tried hard to love and respect women, but couldn’t figure out why they weren’t as successful as the other guys. I won’t lie, this really broke my heart.

Then I became immersed in the world of Pick Up Artists and seduction. You name it, I read it. And I knew that there had to be a better way of doing it.

This is why I am one of you. I’ve got the unique perspective of knowing EXACTLY how it feels to be the shy one, the outsider, the unpopular one AND, being a WOMAN, I know the woman’s perspective.

What’s more, I want you to get laid. I want you to have the confidence to not only approach women, but be successful dating and successful in bed.

My motto is: You can have the sex you want. You can have the relationships you want. You can be the best lover. And you can love and respect women while you do it.

You want to be desired
You want to get a girlfriend
F*ck it, you want to get laid.
You want to get good at sex

This is why I am the best person to help you.

My Mission:

Is to help the Good Guys achieve sexual, dating and relationship ABUNDANCE while also being the best men they can be. Where you are direct, show respect and, dammit, are clear in your intentions. No bullsh*t. No cop outs. I want you to show up as a man.

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to get laid.
There is NOTHING wrong with wanting FWBs.
There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to find the love of your life.

You can have this. And you can do it in a way that makes you the best man you can be AND love women.

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